Want to share a garage?

Are you into cars or motorbikes? Do you wish you had somewhere to work on them in comfort? Do you live in South Manchester?

I’ve spent the last year hunting for a space to work on my EV conversion projects with no luck. The only options I’ve found have been either too small, or industrial units that I can’t justify on my own. So, I’m looking for like minded people that might want to share a space.

How big a space I take depends on how many people want to come in with me. I’m aiming for 200sqft per person – about the size of a double garage – plus some spare to account for odd shapes and shared spaces. 1000-1200 sqft would probably do for 4 people.

I don’t want to travel more than 15 minutes if I can avoid it (I’m in M19), but that puts lots of industrial estates and railway arches within easy reach, both towards the city centre and further out.

Price wise, I estimate that we’ll each need to put in £250/month to cover rent, rates, bills and a bit of extra. That is not cheap. But I think if we want something in the city, that’s what it will take.

I don’t have a particular space in mind – these things turn over fast and we would need to be in a position to push the button when the right one comes up. So I’m looking for at least three other people who would be willing to commit. 

I realise that’s hard when you haven’t seen the space, or met the other people. But we have to start somewhere.

If you’re interested, sign up below. If there is enough interest, we can all have a chat. If you’re still interested after that, we’ll each put some money down for a deposit and try to source a space.

The aim will be to have somewhere sorted by the new year. We’ll probably have to put some time into it to make it usable – at the money we’re paying, it won’t be perfect on day one. But it will be a space that we can develop.

So, if you’re interested, stick your details below and I’ll be in touch soon.

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