What’s better than one DIY EV? Two DIY EVs!

Not long into building the first project, and completely conscious of the fact that it still had a long way to go, I started thinking about a second one. Since I was building a really silly car – a retro convertible – I figured I might want something marginally more sensible for winter: a retro GT. Still a two seater, but perhaps a little warmer. Plus there is the advantage that if you have two cars, you can always drive one while you’re fixing/upgrading the other.

So, without anywhere to store it, or any time to work on it, I jumped back into the market and bought another Z3. Now, there is some method in this madness. Second hand car prices are up, and I’d seen multiple articles singing the praises of the Z3 as an investment. “Now’s the time to buy!” they said, so I did, before prices got out of hand.

*£600ish bought be this beautiful green MOT failure that wasn’t far away so didn’t cost much to transport. It failed on emissions and welding, but so far my investigations haven’t revealed anything too sinister. It has a 2.0 straight six lump that should be saleable, and its body panels are in much better shape than my car. I’m hoping I can recoup much of the cost before its cosmetic transformation begins.

Follow the progress of this project through the posts below.