Fail! But in a good way

So, as predicted, the car failed its MOT. But not on what I was expecting. Or rather, the stuff I was most worried about (the conversion, my welding) absolutely sailed through. In fact, Jimmy the mechanic called the conversion “impressive”. The smile hasn’t left my face since. Big issues: Tracking is massively out (not surprising since I don’t have the tools for alignment) and you … Continue reading Fail! But in a good way

DIY EV Charging: a guide for an idiot (me)

I have a charge point. I have a charger. I have a battery. You would think I could hook these three things up and charge my battery from the charge port, via my charger. Not so fast. Charging an EV requires a little more than that because there is signalling that goes alongside the AC between the charge point and the car. And my charger … Continue reading DIY EV Charging: a guide for an idiot (me)


It works. It bloody works. After a frustrating few days with it sort of working, and some minor mishaps (I shorted something on an unshielded 12v connection – but everything seems to have survived). A firmware downgrade (5.05 to 4.96 if you’re interested) has fixed everything. The wheels spin like a dervish now and the motor makes an absolutely wicked noise. My homebrew coupler seems … Continue reading BUZZING!