Fitting a double-din head unit to the Z3 centre console (part 1)

While it’s cold and dark and I’m waiting for access to the garage I’ve been working on some interior bits, starting with creating space for a double din head unit and hence relocating the heater controls. I also need to convert these to drive my electric heater but that’s a job for another day.

Getting close to printing it in plastic so thought I’d share some progress pics. Plan is to split the fascia into two parts as you can see from this early attempt here (where I got the angles all wrong – didn’t realise it wasn’t symmetrical at first). Hell of a lot easier to print this way. The parts will be 3D printed in PETG or ASA then prepped with filler, primer, and paint (colours below for illustration only!).

After a couple of revisions though, assisted by some paper print outs, this is where I’m at:

It’s looking pretty close to fitting. Still got to do the heater panel and I won’t be able to test it until I get the second Z3 stripped down OR buy a spare centre console for testing (tempting). But pleased with the progress.

Plan is to add some reinforcement and then bond a ready-made double din mount to the back of it. Not looked at how the existing stereo is mounted yet – sure there will be some good pics somewhere on the forum. if it all works, I’ll post all the files in case anyone else wants to do the same.

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