All pictures, no words: update

Can’t believe it has been three months since I posted on here. But that’s what happens when you get sucked into making videos. Honestly, I’m really enjoying documenting my builds that way, and though the channel is still tiny, the feedback and followers I’m picking up there are really rewarding. So, that will remain my primary outlet for this stuff for now.

Still though, worth a quick recap. This year I have…

Moved into a new workshop

Still a work in progress but I’m now starting to add more tools and make it really fit for purpose. Watch the channel for some updates in the next few weeks. Really enjoying having a dedicated project space, even if it does have its issues. Like an electric-only roller door and a pre-pay electricity meter: a bad combination.

Received the body for the Z300S

The Tribute Automotive Z300S body kit is now test-fitted to the second car (what will become the EVGT). There is lots of work to do on it – fitting lights, cutting out mounts for the number plates, wiring, prepping for paint etc. But it looks *amazing* and for a first fit, it sits incredibly well. Can’t wait to get it onto the car but first I’ll need to get it to a road-legal state and finish the mechanical upgrades to the 300…

Got underway with major upgrades

The Z300S (300 for short) is fine as a first shot at EV conversion but it’s far from great. Apart from the body work (above), it’s too slow, too cold, and lots of things (like gauges) don’t work. The critical path for these changes starts with a motor upgrade because that defines everything else that goes under the bonnet: cooling, wiring, layout for heating and ancillaries etc. Then it’s a new battery box, followed by…well, everything else.

I have the motor test-fitted in the second Z3 (eventually to be my ‘winter’ EV), and I’m just starting to make up mounts for it.

So, that’s where I’m at. Lots of progress, just not a lot of writing. Apologies if you prefer words to videos, but if you’re happy with the moving pictures, go check out the channel and maybe subscribe? I’m hoping to get to 1000 subscribers this year…

4 thoughts on “All pictures, no words: update

  1. Hi Tom I’ve been following your work for some time
    It’s nice to see someone not afraid to jump in and try stuff most seem too concerned about what others might think or say about them just giving it a go.
    I’m starting a similar project myself it was going to be a conversion of a BMW Mini but I have just bought a Z3 for the right price so the mini get’s a reprieve unlike yourself I will be using a Leaf motor and 2 BMW530e battery packs keep up the good work I will be following with interest.

    1. Cheers Andy! Thankfully I’ve never really been afraid of making a tit of myself. 🙂

      Leaf motor should be great – assume you’re using the matching inverter? And a Zombieverter controller?

      1. using leaf inverter with open inverter plugin board, zombieverter wasn’t available when I started planning this then everything was put on hold while we tried to move house(which has just fallen through) also my own version of the SimpBms for the batteries
        I did start documenting this on one of the mini forums when I was going to convert my Mini Cooper S

        just about to go and start stripping the Z3 to see what the seals look like wish me luck

  2. just insured my Z3 Ev conversion even though it is barely started and they are happy for it to take a reasonable amount of time and the price covers it through the conversion from standard to EV £455 fully comp 🙂

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