DIY EV Charging: a guide for an idiot (me)

I have a charge point. I have a charger. I have a battery. You would think I could hook these three things up and charge my battery from the charge port, via my charger. Not so fast. Charging an EV requires a little more than that because there is signalling that goes alongside the AC between the charge point and the car. And my charger … Continue reading DIY EV Charging: a guide for an idiot (me)


It works. It bloody works. After a frustrating few days with it sort of working, and some minor mishaps (I shorted something on an unshielded 12v connection – but everything seems to have survived). A firmware downgrade (5.05 to 4.96 if you’re interested) has fixed everything. The wheels spin like a dervish now and the motor makes an absolutely wicked noise. My homebrew coupler seems … Continue reading BUZZING!

performance pro drill with makita battery

Adding new batteries to old power tools

One of mine and my daughter’s favourite YouTube channels is The Post Apocalyptic Inventor. On a recent episode he used a cheap adaptor to restore a load of old power tools to life with modern batteries from a different brand. I’ve been sat on an old drill for ages, unwilling to throw it out because it was still perfectly good apart from its Ni-Cad batteries. … Continue reading Adding new batteries to old power tools