Anthony Bezencon and the electric Mini

Anthony Bezencon has built an electric classic Mini that can spin the wheels yet is only the same weight as the original – and has even better weight distribution. In this episode Anthony tells me about his super-neat electric car conversion, component selection, the control boards he has designed, and the process – which had more ups than downs (apart from a few dead Teensy … Continue reading Anthony Bezencon and the electric Mini

Damien Maguire & the EVBMWs

Damien Maguire was the person who convinced me – and many others – that I could build my own EV. His instructional videos, rich with information and wry humour have been the gateway drug to EV conversion for many members of the DIYEV community. In this episode he explains how he got started with a DIY DC motor controller, before progressing through a series of BMW builds to today, when his – deliberately small – EVBMW business provides the brains behind many swaps. Continue reading Damien Maguire & the EVBMWs